General Background

Identity and Public Policy Program – General Background
What is the Identity and Public Policy Program? A unique, multidisciplinary program providing in-depth knowledge and tools for strategic analysis of fundamental public policy issues in Israel, while cultivating Jewish and Zionist thought. Furthermore, the program equips students with personal skills and offers a quality environment for training in preparation for future roles in the public service and intellectual circles. These aspects make for a meaningful and formative learning experience.
Who are the program's potential candidates? Outstanding young men and women with leadership potential and budding activists in Israel’s public sphere. Candidates should be studying for their bachelor's degree or subsequent degrees in social sciences, humanities or law, or graduates who intend to engage in academic research or hold senior positions in various fields of public service, in Israel and abroad: politics, civil service, security, diplomacy, culture, media, the business sector and civil society.
Why is it called the “Identity and Public Policy Program”? Proper resolution of policy issues requires an astute understanding of their ideological and cultural underpinning. Examining the foundational principles underlying the public discourse in Israel while studying the identity components of Israeli society, are necessary in the development of national leadership capable of effecting change within Israeli society.

The program includes three different tracks:

Identity and Public Policy Program (IPPP) Track
The flagship program, comprising the most comprehensive, in-depth track in the program.
One full day of studies a week, for the duration of the academic school year.
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Doctoral Candidates' Track

Geared toward doctoral candidates in the field of social sciences, humanities and law.
The program consists of participation in a unique research group alongside the requisite IPPP track.
Participants in this track receive generous research scholarships.
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Graduates' track

Geared toward graduates of either of the aforementioned tracks.

This track offers internship opportunities within government offices and various national projects, and advanced educational seminars at the JSC.
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Application and selection process 

1. Step 1: Complete an online application form on the JSC site and attach your CV in Word form.

2. Step 2: Complete an online strategic questionnaire via a link (will be sent to suitable applicants). The questionnaire includes reference referrals, a personal information section and a composition on the State of Israel's strategic difficulties.
3. Step 3: Assessment workshop, to be held at the JCS.
4. Step 4: Personal interview at the JCS.

Each stage is contingent on passing the previous stage.