Army and Security

The perpetual threat to the State of Israel since its establishment places security at the top of the national agenda, leading to the development of a security doctrine and military thought consistent with Israel’s situation. Confusion of values and the culture of the “New Middle East” account for far-reaching changes in Israeli military thinking: Axiomatic principles such as deterrence and deciding battles in enemy territory have been replaced with obscure concepts that mean little to most soldiers. A new IDF code of ethics and a series of rulings by the High Court of Justice have impacted battle procedures and objectives. Politicization in the IDF is endemic. The unfortunate outcome of the Second Lebanon War was the direct result of these processes.

The Army and Security Unit deals with the dangers posed to Israel; its existential rationale; Israel’s security doctrine; the fundamentals of implementing power and building power; and critically assesses the factors that have caused the negative changes that have taken place in the IDF in recent years.