Since the founding of the State of Israel the Arab league has openly declared its intention to destroy the State. Beginning with the Camp David Accords, there have been changes in official diplomatic relations. Political processes bought about the signing of peace agreements with Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinians. This process, strategically backed by Israel's Left which sought to strengthen ties with the moderate Arab world as a response to the threat of radical Islam, has emerged as a strategic and security failure.

This unit covers the history of relations between Arab nations and Israel, the Arab presence in Israel, and political gain of refugee status, Israel's wars, and the optimum way to negotiate with the Arab world.

Among the topics covered in this unit:

Fundamentals of negotiations with the Arab world
Examination of Israel's peace agreements
The regional and global threats against Israel
Israel's involvement in Lebanon
The history of the Arab-Israeli conflict
Implications of a Palestinian State
The principle of "land for peace"
The definition of "nationhood" and the Palestinians as a case study