The Institute for the Study of Ethics and International Relations was founded in 2014 by the Jewish Statesmanship Center, with the goal of clarifying issues of international relations that touch upon ethical aspects, and examining the role and weight of ethical considerations as regards foreign policy. The Institute's focus is on formulating guidelines for ethical foreign policy for Israel, and to this end the Institute hosts public discussions and publishes research in this regard.
Dr. Assaf Malach, Academic Head of the JSC, heads the Institute.
In its first year of operation, the Institute published the following studies:

  • Foreign Aid And Humanitarian Aid: Favorable Policies for Israel, by Sarel Weinberger
  • Arms Trade Policy, by Dr. Gal Hadari
  • The Definition of a Just War in Humanitarian Law, by Adv. Yona Cherki

Several additional studies in relevant fields are currently underway.