Civics and History Education Research Project

The Civics and History Education Project was established in 2012, with an understanding of the strategic importance of civics and history education. Civics education in Israel requires more than just being familiar with government offices and the legislative process. Being a citizen of the Jewish State necessitates a thorough understanding of our national past, our raison d'être, and our shared vision for the future.

The civics and history curricula touch upon core fundamental and strategic issues, and as such they play a role not only in the construction of a conceptual and theoretical framework, but in the shaping of the student's identity as a person and as a citizen.

It was with this understanding that the Civics and History Education Project was launched. This project covers core issues in which teachers and students seek to broaden and deepen their knowledge and about which they wish to engage in classroom discussion.

We are currently developing content for teachers, with the aim of deepening and broadening their knowledge as well as honing their teaching methods in these subjects. Thus far, five books have been published for the benefit of civics and history teachers, complete with didactic aids and lesson plans. These supplementary books enable in-depth study of key topics, including:

The Individual, Society and the State by Dr. Assaf Malach

This unit deals with our perception of man as an individual or a social being, and man's relationship with society and the state as reflected in philosophical thought throughout the ages.

The State of Israel and Diaspora Jewry by Dr. Asaf Yedidya

This unit covers the State of Israel as the State of the Jewish People and surveys the relationship between Israel and Diaspora Jewry, from the dawn of the Zionist enterprise to the present.

The Historical Background to the Establishment of the State of Israel by Dr. Asaf Yedidya

This unit surveys the longing for Zion throughout the ages as well as its actualization, from the nationalist awakening of the 19th century to the establishment of the State in our times.

Israel as a Jewish Nation-State by Dr. Assaf Malach

This unit surveys the various justifications for the existence of nation-states in general, and Israel as a nation-state in particular.

Jewish Nationalism by Dr. Assaf Malach

This book deals with the foundations of ancient Jewish nationalism and its modern developments, with special emphasis on the origins of nationalism.