Dr. Assaf Malach

Founder and Head of the JSC

Assaf has served as the academic director of JSC since its foundation. Today, he heads the Center. His areas of expertise include nationalism and nation states, political philosophy, and Jewish political thought. Asaf has taught in Bar Ilan University and Herzog College, and is currently a lecturer on political philosophy at Shalem College. Since the summer of 2015, he is chairman of the Ministry of Education’s Committee for Citizenship Studies.

Moria Ezra

General Director of the Jewish Statesmanship Center (JSC).
A graduate of JSC, Moriah has a B.A. in Communications and Political Science and an M.A. in Educational Administration from Bar Ilan University. In the past, she served as director of informal education institutions and as Educational and Youth Affairs Adviser to the Mayor of Jerusalem.

Irit Levy

Deputy Director General for Development

Irit is responsible for the development of new programming. She also serves as director of content for the Influencers Program (Mashpi’im) - Haredi Cadets for Public Service. She is a lawyer and educator, and a graduate of the Mandel Institute for Educational Leadership. In addition, she serves as a rabbanit at the Talya Ulpana in Jerusalem.

Dr. Meir Duvdevani

Deputy Director General for Content

Director of the Identity and Public Policy Program

Meir earned a doctorate in philosophy from the Bar Ilan University (Bioethics Program). He has an M.A. in Hebrew Culture from the Adi Lautman Interdisciplinary Program at Tel Aviv University. In addition, Meir has a B.A. in Law (LLB) from Ono Academic College, and is an ordained rabbi. Meir serves as a deputy battalion commander in the IDF reserves.

Sapir Ben Sheetrit

Director of JSC Community – Alumni/Students/Candidates

Sapir oversees the personal and professional development of JSC students and alumni. In addition, she organizes a broad array of community events and develops strategy for the growing and thriving communal network. She is also responsible for personal and group aspects of the Identity and Public Policy Program. Sapir has an M.A. in Public Policy from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Batel Chen

Director for Logistics and Finances

Batel has been at JSC for over a decade. She is responsible for finances, and oversees logistical aspects of the day-to-day operation of the Center. She is currently completing a degree in education. Batel is married and the mother of four.

Shiran Assaf

Head of Marketing and Student Recruitment

Shiran has a B.A. ins Political Science from the Tel Aviv University and she is a student in the M.A. Program in Conflict Research, Management and Resolution at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In the past, she was an emissary (shaliach) of the Jewish Agency (JAFI) at the University of Toronto and serves as a parliamentary aide in the Knesset.