Senior Lecturers

Dr. Aviad Bakshi

Dr. Aviad Bakshi holds a PhD in Constitutional Law and serves as a consultant to the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee of the Knesset. He lectures at Bar Ilan university and Haifa University.

Dr. Ran Baratz

Dr. Ran Baratz is an expert in Greek Philosophy. He teaches philosophy at the Hebrew university and at Midreshet Ein Prat. He lectures at the JSC on government and national security.

Dr. Dror Eidar

Dr. Dror Eidar is an expert in Hebrew literature. He lectures at Bar Ilan university and Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. He is a columnist for the Yisrael HaYom daily.

Prof. Talia Einhorn

Prof. Talia Einhorn is a legal expert and a lecturer at the Shaarei Mishpat College and Concordia University. She is a senior research fellow at T.M.C. Asser Institute.

Mr. Yoram Ettinger

Mr. Yoram Ettinger is former Minister for Congressional Affairs to Israel’s embassy in Washington, DC He has served as Consul General of Israel to the Southwestern US and as a consultant on US–Israel relations.

Dr. Udi Lebel

Dr. Udi Lebel is a senior lecturer in political psychology and political science at Ariel University, and is an expert in military-society relations.

Dr. Eithan Orkibi

Dr. Eithan Orkibi holds a PhD in Cultural Studies from Tel Aviv University. He teaches in the French Department at Tel Aviv University and serves as personal academic advisor to the students of the Jewish Statesmanship Center.

Rabbi Zeev Sultanowitz

Rabbi Zeev Sultanowitz lectures in philosophy, literature and Jewish history. He lectures at the Uri Zvi Greenberg House in Jerusalem and teaches at the Har Bracha Yeshiva.