Our students

Roi Yellink

Research assistant, Begin-Sadat Research Center for Strategic Studies; doctoral candidate in Middle Eastern Studies at Bar Ilan University, researching China's relations with the Arab world; interned at Tel Aviv University's Institute for National Security Studies; research group member on religion and state at the Institute for Zionist Strategies.

Aharon White

BA in political science and international relations from the London School of Economics; teacher for overseas students, Yeshivat Hakotel; volunteer and researcher on Israel – China relations at StandWithUs and active in hasbara.

Michal Achrak Wein

BA in international relations and philosophy from the Hebrew University; group facilitator on issues of Israeli-Jewish identity, cross-sector interaction and Israeli society;  interned at the Institute for Zionist Strategies, writing position papers for the Golden Mean project.

Ori Tal

BA student in economics and international relations at the Hebrew University; Jerusalem recruitment and marketing coordinator, World Zionist Organization; former Shaliach in Alabama and Texas; military correspondent for Bamahane.

Shevi Spiro

BA student in Israel Studies at Haifa University; IDF service in the Duchifat battalion; development manager at Beit Orot and tour guide; initiated and directed several tourism programs.

Avichai Shorshan

Director, independent tourism business; founder of HaEmet Sheli, a pro-IDF counter initiative to radical NGOS undermining the IDF; commander, Orev company, Golani brigade; op-ed writer for Maariv's online site, NRG.

Yael Shinar

BA in management and sociology, Tel Aviv University; studied journalism at Koteret; served as advisor to MK Limor Livnat, former Minister of Culture and Sport and Chairperson of the Holocaust Survivors Foundation; worked as a reporter and desk editor for TheMarker.

Talia Shein

LLB student at the Hebrew University and active with Hebrew University's International Human Rights Clinic; legal researcher, Kohelet Policy Forum; editorial board member, Chukim; served in the IDF's intelligence corps unit 8200.

Omri Segev

BA student in the humanities, philosophy and Judaic Studies at Shalem Academic Center, and editor of its journal, Canon; interned with the advisor to the Mayor of Jerusalem on student affairs, youth and communities; founded the Martef cultural-educational youth center in Kiryat Gat.

Dvir Schwartz

BA student in Jewish philosophy at Shalem Academic Center; former spokesperson for Neemanei Torah Va'Avoda; researcher on religion and state for the Golden Mean Project of the Institute for Zionist Strategies.

William Roth

CEO of the Israel-Europe Freedom Center; partner, GMU Strategic Consulting; former head of the political advisory committee of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Danny Ayalon; op-ed writer, Mida and NRG news sites.

Eili Rettig

TA and doctoral candidate in political science at Haifa University, and visiting scholar at George Washington University, specializing in security and energy and using oil and gas resources as a tool of foreign policy; winner of the president's scholarship for outstanding students in the direct-PhD track.

Hadar Porovnova

Assistant to the Slovakian ambassador in Israel; distributor of Israeli films abroad, Go2Films; MA in journalism and French literature; served as the audio-visual attaché of the French embassy in Slovakia.

Chen Lee Pinchevsky

BA student in government, diplomacy and strategy at the IDC-Herzliya; interning at the Foreign Ministry's Department of Strategic Planning; headed the IDC-Herzliya war room and hasbara during Operation Protective Edge.

Ira Neumann

LLB and BA in social work student at the Hebrew University; Alumni Coordinator, Arava pre-military academy; IDF platoon sergeant, paratroopers.

Tzofia Nahon

LLB student at Ono Academic College; advisor to the Minister of Interior; former staff head, Deputy Minister of Transport; board member of Likud Youth and World Likud.

Einalem Mengistu

– BA student in communications and international relations at the Hebrew University; writer and educator; volunteer at a center for battered women.

Ariel Maman

Lawyer in private practice, civil and family law; ordained rabbi and rabbinical advocate and mediator.

Shachaf Levi

MA student in political science at the Hebrew University; program director of the Shechuna Tze'ira project of Tze'irim Bamercaz – the Jerusalem Center for Young Adults; fellow, StandWithUs and Ein Prat's Elul program.

Dror Laufer

BA in psychology, sociology and criminology from Bar Ilan University, MBA student at the Hebrew University; team manager, Prime Minister's Office.